Vandalism begins at home

Welcome to the Vandalism Begins at Home website. This site is designed to compliment the VB@H fanzine by providing you with links to the bands reviewed, fresh news and gig dates, an archive of some of our previous reviews and features as well as an opportunity to get involved yourself.

Vandalism Begins at Home is a voluntary organisation and we do it because some things are just worth doing and, if everyone does nothing, then nothing will get done.

We love our fractured, maligned and shonky old town and our aim is to prove that beyond the negative headlines and behind the windows of the endless houses there beats a creative heart, a heart that yearns for meaning in a confusing and soporific world. There is a light that never goes out, it exists in all of us and like 'the falling of small stones that start an avalanche' each contribution has value in and of itself. The possibilities are endless and the only thing our way is ourselves. Lets see what we can do.


Sunday Soirée

Escape the long dark tea-time of the soul with our own David O’Brien as he interviews local musicians and artists.

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