An Interview With Dois Padres

Formed in 2017, Dois Padres have carved their very own niche in the local scene by sheer weight of talent. Our very own Ben Barry caught up with singer Danny Young and drummer George Cowan to talk about 2018, their new album and what we can expect from them in 2019

How has 2018 been for the band?

2018 has been pretty hectic for us! We managed to release and record our debut LP, as well as recording our follow up as well which was raaaad. We got to play a bunch of shows with some killer bands like The Velveteers and The Living Deads, we ate some great apples and we both managed to take some time abroad as well to recover!

How did you approach writing and recording the album?

George – I don’t know how the guy on my left here feels about it, but writing in this band is the most fun and enjoyable process I’ve had! Sometimes it will start with a riff and some fuzz, sometimes it will just be a jam, and sometimes it will start with a groove! One day we took an orange and just started hitting stuff, most of this made it on to the album!

Danny – The big difference with this latest batch of songs was using bass instead of guitar. We’re always conscience of having a thick sound, especially as a duo. Using the bass for this definitely made me think between throwing around a bunch of solo licks or just pounding down a rhythm. We wrote everything in the practice room together and after a few takes the songs moulded themselves.

How important is ‘The Grind’ in Dois Padres’ journey/what does it mean to you guys?

George – I think in the big picture it’s still early days for us, but on this record I feel as though we managed to hone in on our sound a bit more. We went back to Brighton earlier this year and got some Mexican street food with a lime salsa…I think that if we can make the journey as good as that, we’re gunna be just fine.

Danny – This record is certainly more focused than our previous album ‘Welcome To The Thrillhouse’. The tracks were written together with a definite theme rather than being a collection of songs we’d stacked up over a year.

dois padres liveWhat can people expect from the album?

George – I’m not even sure. But there are catchy songs, big hooks, weird grooves…Yeah. It’s a fucking banana of a record.

Danny – Fuzz bass and vintage drums in an array of surf rock, garage rock, road trip soundtracks, Black Sabbath worship, French murder mysteries, death disco and jazz funk jams

And a big night is planned to celebrate?

George – Yes! We’ve got this absolute peach of a show on the 26th of January that we’re hosting! We’re going to be ripping some old and new songs, and we’ll definitely be throwing a few surprises in as for good measure…

Danny – Holy Moly’s at Esquires in Bedford will be the place to be. We’ve got some outrageous support from Black Atlas and Son Of Glenn. Tickets are available through our bandcamp for £5 and include a free download of our latest single ‘Dracula Tea Party’