ben barry inestigates

Ben Barry Investigates

Devoted to championing new alternative music, Transmission take over the airwaves 9-10PM Wednesdays on Diverse FM.  Usually, a top secret location to keep out the infiltrating media, I, Ben Barry, have been granted permission to enter Transmission Towers to meet with presenters Mathew Crawley and Danny Buckley. We’re through the looking glass here people.

 ‘So just how long has this been going on?’

Buckley: It all started about 3 months ago now.  A mutual friend suggested the idea that we’d work well together, and I thought – if Matt’s up for it, I’ll do it. Here we are.

Crawley: We share a mutual love not only for music, but Luton Town FC. So that came in handy.  We agree on a lot of music, and disagree on a lot too, but that adds to the dynamic. Buckley & Crawley also has a classic duo ring to it.  Like Morecambe & Wise!

Buckley: Jagger & Richards!

 I naturally suggest Randall & Hopkirk, followed by the obvious, which one of you would be the ghost? Using the classic sideswiping technique of “I don’t know what you’re on about”by Buckley, I realise Transmission are going to be a much harder nut to crack than I expected.  With that in mind, I entice them to open up with a topic close to their hearts.

‘Not only are you loyal LTFC supporters but you have a big involvement too?’

Crawley:  That’s right.  I curate the playlists for match days. It took a little time but I feel I’ve put my own stamp on it now.  A mix of relevant artists both local and international.

With the lads at ease, I keep my talking on the pitch.

‘Speaking of football. What a World Cup we had!’

Buckley: Thoroughly enjoyed it. It didn’t quite come home, but best World Cup I can remember.

‘The pitch invasion in the final by Pussy Riot has influenced me to start my own movement, “Cock Scuffle”. Do you think they’d have me on at Kenilworth road?’

Crawley: I don’t think they’d have you back, but you could try. I could get on the radio to call security and say “there’s a cock scuffle on the pitch!”

‘What do you think Save Our Town would think of Cock Scuffle?’

Crawley: I’d say they wouldn’t want to be associated with it at all really.

Buckley: Although if you ran out on the pitch wearing a #saveourtown t-shirt, they wouldn’t have much choice.

 Fast realising which one is the good and bad cop, I look to avoid their mind games.

‘As avid supporters of Save Our Town. How important are the plans for Power Court and Newman Park?’

Crawley: I think Tom Grennan put it really well when he said how it will inspire a whole new generation. Not only for football but music too. The proposed music venue being a big part of the plans as well.

My suggestion that Tom Grennan sounds like Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street is swiftly rebuffed within the Transmission camp. With a fear I’ve not felt since being viciously chased by a goose, the interview begins to tailspin.

‘If a penguin stole your wallet and dived into the Antarctic Ocean, which superhero would you send in to retrieve it?’

Crawley: Aquaman surely!

A logical answer from an obvious closet superhero fan.

‘I was thinking maybe Mr T?’

Once again I am rounded upon by the Transmission collective  

Transmission: HES NOT A SUPERHERO !!! He’s a man that’s afraid of flying, that’s all.

‘Yes! And what better man to go after a penguin. To catch a penguin, first you must think like a penguin.’

The Transmissioners ponder this valid point, and a mutual respect is won.  Time to hit the lads with some culture.

‘What’s your favourite musical?’

Buckley: Mamma Mia! Cos i fuckin love ABBA!

Crawley: He really does! He thinks SOS is the best pop song ever written.

I could explore the deep Transmission ocean in my inquisitive submarine for many more hours, but with show time for the duo approaching, I better make this last question torpedo count.

‘What’s the future for Transmission?’

Crawley: We’ve a few things lined up to cover on the show and DJ at, including Hertfordshire festival Wilkestock and Rockingham Speedway in Corby.

 Buckley: Where we’ll be playing tracks between bands and basically being a nuisance until we’re asked to leave.

With this I take the hint and only stick around Transmission Towers for at least another hour or so, drinking their beer and using their toilet.