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FFO: Scroobius Pip, The Blockheads, Sleaford Mods, Yard Act, The Clash, Billy Bragg

“Burn away, burn away, burn away, the corruption, the lies and the hate”. A torch is lit. The message is clear. We’re as mad as hell and we’re not gonna take this anymore.

Emerging as a beacon in troubled times, Coda Rushing release ‘Light A Fire’, a Clash inspired call to arms and the first track to be taken from their forthcoming EP of the same name.

Coda Rushing’s poet mastermind, Mitchell Taylor says, “I grew up listening to The Clash above all else, and Joe Strummer taught me humanity, politics and survival. Without The Clash I wouldn’t be the person I am today.
This song is about Joe, but it’s also about finding ‘your Joe’, your spark to start a fire. We’ve gotta do something, this is just motivation.

I think our message is pretty consistent, stand up for what you believe in, for those who can’t stand up for themselves and for those who came before”.

A video-only release, ‘Light A Fire’ will be revealed as an exclusive at on 31st October before burning it’s way across the landscape on Guy Fawkes Day, 5th November.