Dois Padres: Know Better – Out Now!

‘Know Better’ is the raucous new glam-fuzz delinquent ditty from Dois Padres – a pair of garage psyche-rocking hombres, ravenous for rampage.

The second single released by Luton label VBAH Records, ‘Know Better’ is a swaggering sweat-soaked anthem for devil-may-care lunatics.

As the lead track from their forthcoming third album, Swamp Jams, it shows the Padres’ raw power and dials it up to a whisky-washed, snake-hipped, back-alley ambush on those dancing feet.

Rounded on a dirty and distorted rootsy riff, whirling dervish guitar-slinger, Danny Young, says of the ‘Know Better’: “It’s a bop, a foot-stomper, a head-rocker, and we only need to know one thing – where the party’s at!”

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