Coda Rushing – Funding The Funded – NEW VIDEO

It’s time to take it back, art is for the scum!

Fiercely political, eternally danceable; Coda Rushing take aim at the nepotism which plagues the art world with ‘Funding the Funded’, the second track taken from their forthcoming EP, ‘Light A Fire’.
Poet & frontman Mitchell Taylor says, “The way I see it, we’re stuck right now. People want the safe and the familiar, fluffy escapism and not to be challenged. They want Brit School graduates in the charts and pictures of New York skyscrapers on the wall. It’s empty. It’s time to start doing what we need to do, call out the horror, don’t just create a sanctuary and stay there – extend it until you’ve pushed the horror away.”

An irresistible mix of electronics and spoken word delivery, ‘Funding the Funding’ couples honest, pointed lyrics with an anthemic chorus. “We don’t want it, we need it, we live it and we breathe it, music is our way to survive”.

Mitchell Taylor says, “The chorus sums up the track succinctly. Art, music and literature are more than just part of the human experience, they are essential to it. Art should never remain passive, it is a reaction to the world that we live in. From William Morris to Banksy, Bertolt Brecht to Mike Leigh, George Orwell to Terry Pratchett art has purpose and function. It reflects the reality of the world, exposes problems and offers hope. When the world is as ugly and chaotic as it is today this reflection is more important than ever. I know the temptation to escape from it all is huge, but now is not the time to turn away. As musicians we need to make a choice, are we dealing out entertainment or are we creating art?”

‘Funded the Funded’ is the second video single from the forthcoming EP, catch up with ‘Light A Fire’ here and join Coda Rushing for festive knees up at the Vandals & Blaggers X-Mas Bash at The Castle in Luton on 9th of December.