Luton Alternative Market

You can crush us, you can bruise us but our pets will always come first.  We are undoubtedly a nation of animal lovers.  So when beloved cat Ethel needed urgent emergency treatment, there was only one thing to do; put on an alternative market selling local art and wares to save Ethel. It was such a success that the market has now become a permanent fixture at the George 2nd every last Sunday of each month.

Curated by Lucy Luton of local band The Adenoids, the market offers free stall space to local art and crafts talent who are able to showcase and sell their creations.  It’s another wonderful example of how much creativity we have in this town of ours and something that any aspiring artist or creative can get behind and involved in.

What I took most from my time at the market other than how many talented artists we have here in Luton, was being able to share ideas and connect with those present.  It was a welcoming creative space with vibrant people, such as illustrator Sophie West who also has a hand in ‘Comics, Coffee & Illustration’, a get together for the like minded in High Town which can be found on Facebook.

For any bands reading this, Luton Alternative Market are very keen to have a merch stand selling CDs and whatever else you may have to promote yourself.  Which sounds like a great idea to me and worth getting in contact with ourselves, VBAH, if interested.

Also, I’m pleased to tell you that Ethel the cat is alive and well. Good work Ethel.