Peachstone – Off/On – Official Music Video

Remember those warm summer days? Yes, winter is here, but in Peachstone’s alt-pop world of wonder it’s still a balmy sun-drenched dreamland.

A breezy banger belied with lyrical self-doubt, ‘ON/OFF’ soundtracked the hazy days and now re-emerges with a music video that gives a nostalgic 90s nod to the British seaside.

Produced by hot new film firm Alleged Productions, Peachstone pair Holly Knowles and Matt Briars embark on a solar-flared, helter-skelter, candy-floss fun ride through pastel-coloured simpler times.

This is the visually vibrant and textured juxtaposition to Knowles’ semi-autobiographical soothing self-help rumination on feeling the need for change. “I’ve been twisting in a dream, no sense of direction, find a shiny new routine, diagnose my imperfections,” begins this fuzzy anthem of dreamy disquietude.

The singer and guitarist says: “While writing the lyrics, I was trying to map out this pattern of ‘rebooting’ whenever I’m feeling lost or stuck — hence the title, ‘OFF/ON’.

“The music video cherry picks pure nostalgia and escapism, funfairs, arcades and having a ball at the beach.”

Matt Briars (guitar) says: “It was such a pleasure shooting the music video with Kelli Watson and Jack Hyslop from Alleged Productions. They just really tuned into the aesthetic of the track and what Peachstone is about and now we’ve always got this snapshot of summer to get us through the cold winter months!”

Take a peak behind the scenes