Peachstone – OFF/ON

“I’ve been twisting in a dream, no sense of direction, find a shiny new routine, diagnose my imperfections, begins Peachstone’s new anthem of dreamy disquietude.

Never before have notions of uncertainty and self-doubt been delivered with such soaring affirmation, for through the grey-day fever ‘OFF/ON’ bursts with colour and vibrancy. Out now on all the usual streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music this soaring fuzzy banger to ready to soundtrack your summer.

“While writing the lyrics, I was trying to map out this pattern of ‘rebooting’ whenever I’m feeling lost or stuck — hence the title, ‘OFF/ON’,” says singer and guitarist, Holly Knowles.

“Just when I think I’ve found the answer to my problems, I get overwhelmed and then I’m back to square one. It’s an ongoing cycle and it feels satisfying to have captured it in a song, even if I haven’t found a resolution yet!”

This self-biographical alt-pop wonder sees Peachstone stepping out of the lockdown confines of their debut self-titled EP and into the light of the studio, alongside new companions, bringing extra texture and depth to their sound.

Matt Briars (guitar) says: “With our last releases we did everything ourselves at home during lockdown. Being in the studio allowed us to focus more on delivering our best performances on the recording and allowed us to experiment with different sounds and equipment. It was great to be able to turn the amps up really loud — this single sounds so alive!”

On a post-pandemic planet, Peachstone is the soothing balm we all need. Welcome to your very own self-help soundtrack. Welcome to your new favourite band.

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