Sara – Low Signal

saraEvery once in a while a song will stop your clock, fadeout your overthinking, and guide your thoughts elsewhere. If only for a moment. The tranquil grace of ‘Low Signal’ does just that.

This patiently crafted modern take on a genre as old as you like, sits favourably alongside some of the best contemporary, soul barring, folk singer-songwriters. Julie Byrne, Bess Atwell and Angel Olsen are just three of the wealth we’re currently blessed with.  I see no reason in the future Sara cannot join those ranks.

For a moment whilst listening, I was no longer at my desk, but by the bank of a river watching ripples in the water distort the reflection of the surrounding trees. Given I have little to exactly no experience

whatsoever, of having a boy my heart may desire not return my phone calls.  That is talent.