ScreamingMechanicalBrain – Connie Was a Reptile – OUT NOW



Take a walk down a different garden with ScreamingMechanicalBrain’s cold-blooded, swirling, opus.

The tale of a venomous friendship, ‘Connie Was A Reptile’ has the slither of a snake and the bite to match. An epic of blockbuster proportions which builds to Godzilla sized riffs born of frustration.

Frontman, Nik Scott says, “Musically, this is our most crafted piece to date. It begins slinky, taking twists and turns, while the second half is much more rhythm driven, taking cues from Therapy? and Rage Against the Machine, all boiling down to that singular statement of being let down over and over again.

‘Connie’ is based on a friend who is always around for a good time, but never around for the important stuff. Calling them a snake would be hyperbolic, but they are definitely not a rock”.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tim Kramer at Signal House Studios, ‘Connie Was A Reptile’ marks the band’s debut release on Vandalism Begins At Home Records.