Seán Grant and the Wolfgang – Kybalion Part II

Bursting with soul-stirring, mantra-filled magnificence comes ‘Kybalion Part II’ — the cosmically-charged concluding chapter of a double darkgaze EP by Seán Grant and the Wolfgang.

Out now on Vandalism Begins at Home Records, four exhilaratingly epic soundscapes, full of explosion and revelation, create their own universe between industrial and intense 80s darkwave, pulsing shoegaze and heavy, wall-of-sound noise-pop.

Seekers of universal truth, champions of unity and explorers of wonder, Seán Grant and the Wolfgang never shy away from esotericism, and this EP elucidates on rhythm, vibration, polarity, the nature of reality, consciousness, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Kybalion Part II draws, lyrically, from intriguing ancient principles shrouded in mystery, which acknowledge the role of the mind, energy and consciousness, while empowering us to draw on these underlying existential forces to attain a deeper awareness of the mysteries of life.

They come none more colossal than opener and lead single AI (Nothing Rests Everything Moves) which questions reality and our origins in the cosmos.

Everything Flows is a noisy pop gem that rides rhythmically on a joyously infectious chorus.

Opposites attract as Dualityembraces dark and light as soaringly intense synths underpin, at times, savage guitars, that are both forceful and affecting.

This gives way to hope among the darkness as the anthemic The All Is Mind, The Universe is Mental builds around an evocative and emotional four-line affirmation, including the soaked-in-positivity insistence that, “Every little thing that you
do is important”
, ahead of a euphoric choir-led crescendo to emphasise the power of thought in shaping your reality.

Front man Seán Grant says: “I’m fascinated by questions of where we come from and where we’re going. The philosophical principles explored in the Kybalion have been passed down through various traditions and interpretations over time.

“They are teachings that have helped and guided me through dark times and good, but this record is not about urging you to believe one way or another, but merely to recognise the power that we all possess and how we can come together in celebration of being right here, right now.