Seán Grant and The Wolfgang - Morphic Resonance 369

Seán Grant and The Wolfgang – Morphic Resonance – out now on Vandalism Begins at Home Records

Seán Grant and The Wolfgang return with ‘Morphic Resonance 369,’ their soul-saving send-off single from their darkgaze album opus ‘333’, which arrives with an unreleased exclusive B-side reviving retro synthwave rouser, ‘Face Over Your Face’. 

Out on Vandalism Begins at Home Records with an accompanying video, the A-side is the uplifting, life-affirming celebration of the infinite and untapped universal consciousness that signifies that we are all connected. 

Drawing influence from the renegade biologist Rupert Sheldrake and genius inventor Nikola Tesla, ‘Morphic Resonance 369’ delivers a soaring seraphic celestial chorus that swoops you up into a hopeful and heavenly embrace, which beckons you into Seán Grant and The Wolfgang’s anthemic masterpiece.

Grant says: “Morphic resonance is Rupert Sheldrake’s controversial theory that attempts to explain what consciousness is. Some people dismiss it as pseudoscience, but regular science can’t tell us where our consciousness is, except to say it’s in the brain. There’s no way to measure that. 

Seán Grant

Seán Grant

“One theory is that the pineal gland, which was very sacred to the ancient Egyptians, is said to be like an antenna for us to connect us to where consciousness exists. The only thing we know that it releases DMT at night to send you into the dream world. So, it’s like a gateway to another dimension. 

“We have our own personalities and experiences but, fundamentally, we’re sharing the same consciousness, which is the creative force behind the universe, so what I’m saying is that everything we’ve done and seen, we’re doing it all together. And its cyclical – we’ve done it before and we’re doing it again. The resounding message is that we’re all one and we’re all the same and we’re all connected.”

With an all-seeing nod to the themes in ‘333’ of long-forgotten knowledge and civilisations, Grant also marvels at the mysterious work of Tesla, a 19th-century visionary who is said to have harnessed free, wireless energy, which is something that is also theorised was the real function of the Egyptian pyramids. 

Grant says: “Nikola Tesla is alleged to have said, ‘If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.’ There is a mystery around it and different people have their own perceptions, but mathematics and music are very similar so, for me, 369 is a harmonic balance in the universe. Find that balance in your life and it is everything.” 

Seán Grant and The Wolfgang balance this with ‘Face Over Your Face’ as the B-side. A darker 80s influenced reworking of ‘Light Closes Eyes’ from previous album ‘33’, and the frontman said: “I like dropping little Easter eggs into songs for people to discover.”

Like ‘Morphic Resonance 369’ and ‘333’, the revelations are yours to uncover.