Seán Grant and the Wolfgang – We Are All Of One

“We are reflections, we are reflections” – this is the euphoric mantra to the new single ‘We Are All Of One’ which welcomes you into Seán Grant and the Wolfgang’s new world of twisted darkgaze.

2023’s first release for VBAH is a bold and darkly hypnotic call to cosmic arms, the first chapter in the Wolfgang’s forthcoming double EP. Available to stream now on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music and all the normal streaming services, play it loud, play it often and embark on a new journey.

Frontman Seán had this to say about the new single:

“We’re always looking for meaning about why we’re here and we try to gain that from outside of ourselves,”

“But ‘We Are All Of One’ is about recognising the power in us all and realising that it’s a miracle we’re all here in the first place, in this space and this time. This is something to celebrate.

“We are all reflections because, we, as people, are the universe experiencing itself. It’s also true that what you see in other people is a mirror image of what you see in yourself, whether that’s good or bad.”

Seán Grant and the Wolfgang will be celebrating the launch of the new single on the 7th May with a Bank Holiday Bonanza in hometown Newport Pagnall alongside Broken Castles, Post Machine and Howling Bee. Tickets are very limited so grab yours now before they run out.