Seán Grant and the Wolfgang - Montreal

Seán Grant & The Wolfgang – Montreal (Watch Me Bending)

Seán Grant and the Wolfgang return with ‘Montreal (Watch Me Bending)’, the first colossal cut from forthcoming album ‘333’ – a daring dose of darkgaze that treads a new path to enlightenment

Teaming up with Vandalism Begins At Home Records, this cabal of conjurors preach a message of personal power, self-discovery and the triumph of the mind, while a synth-straddling epic dabbles in the dark arts and swells with gothic glory, until a preternatural explosion rips at the fabric of the known cosmos.

Anything is possible and Seán Grant documents his own personal transformation away from a spiral of drink, drugs and self-destruction, following the dissolution of the Wolfgang’s original incarnation.

“I had to re-learn life,” says the enigmatic frontman, who discovered meditation, and delved into the teachings of different religions, philosophies, ancient civilisations, and long-forgotten knowledge, as part of his existential exploration.

“Transformed, transcending, watch me bending,” sings Grant of his steps along a more spiritual path, which discounts nothing and wonders at everything. The alternative, he ponders, is to “join the sheep in Montreal” – a reflection on following the flock that famously roam the Canadian city’s Parc Maisonneuve.

“With life, you have to go with the bends and the curves, like the path or the river. And if you stand too rigid then the more likely you’ll get damaged or hurt,” says Grant, adding: “I don’t know everything, but I’m learning. I think that’s the way you have to live. ‘Montreal’ and the new album feels like I’m starting to understand this more.”

Released on April 8 via Vandalism Begins At Home, ‘Montreal (Watch me Bending)’ sees Seán Grant and the Wolfgang start a new era, hot on the heels of a packed-out UK tour, national radio play on John Kennedy’s Xposure and an emotional homecoming as part of Project: Leave the Capital – a people-powered grassroots music initiative, that proved how passion, not profit, can elevate inspirational new independent music.

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