SOURDOUGH – Outlet – Out Now on VBAH Records

Now is the time, and the time is now. Rebellious noisnik trio, SOURDOUGH, unleash their debut EP, ‘Outlet’, on Vandalism Begins At Home Records.

Sourdough - Outlet - Cover

Poetic, politically driven noise-rock that strikes at the soul, SOURDOUGH are blazing their own path with this body of work. Produced by sound wizard Ben ‘Faz’ Farestvedt, who has worked his magic on 6 Music and Radio 1 favourites Sarpa Salpa and Low Girl; ‘Outlet’ captures the spark and energy of SOURDOUGH’s live shows while challenging the current political and social unrest head on.

Singer and guitarist, Jacob Kyte says, “We’ve come out the arse-end of a global pandemic, only to be greeted by a massive increase in living costs, with a government that doesn’t give a fuck about their country, or have any interest in fixing it — but kudos to them for no longer hiding their disdain for ordinary people.”

The theme of power and ownership runs through all four songs on the EP. Within the opening track, ‘Ragged Trouser Opinionist’, there’s a strive for power, ‘Holocene Ending’ explores the result of abusing power, while ‘Mind and Body’ and ‘Behind the Screen’ focus on feelings of being powerless.

In these most testing of times, SOURDOUGH are a rescue mission armed with a Sonic Youth ray-gun.
Prepare to join the revolution.

Available now wherever you listen to music.