The Barrys – Gutters & Skylines

‘Gutters & Skylines’ is the barnstorming debut single by the drunk-folk, acoustic-punk chaos creators, The Barrys

The bold and brash Bedford ensemble invite you into the bedlam of the streets, stopping off at boozers on the way, before reaching sky scraping heights on this anthem of triumph over adversity.

Singer & guitarist Liam Burke’s poetic prowess for social commentary paints a relatable, yet unique picture of the strife of which we call everyday life. The soaring violin line, courtesy of Mary Wilcockson, along with the brother dynamic of Liam and James (guitar/vocals) creates an untailored chemistry, which shines bright on this absolute rebel rouser of a tune. It’s impossible to fight the urge to punch the air in defiance and embrace fellow revellers — all together as one in the struggle.

Liam Burke said, “We’re all about that working class spirit. Being on the bones of your backside, but you keep on thinking ‘everything’s gonna be alright’. The Barrys have that grit and determination which comes through in our music. We don’t sound like anyone else, we can only be us. It’s all we know”.

In times such as these the world needs the honesty and character of bands such as The Barrys. Brothers and sisters unite!