Vandalism Begins at Home Radio – Episode 13

Welcome to episode 13 of Vandalism Begins at Home Radio – the music show that finds all the latest and greatest new-release indie and alternative bangers from each week, so you don’t have to.

Among 21 brand-new bangers is our Record of the Week, ‘Outlet‘ EP by SOURDOUGH.
And we’ve got 3 Featured Artists in The Hanging Bandits, Walking Race and Habilis.

You can send your new music to and if we like it, we’ll play it. Simple!

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VB@H Radio #13 playlist: 

SOURDOUGH – Ragged Trousered Opinionist
Magic Shoppe – A Star Turns Blue
L’objectif – The Dance You Sell
Low Hummer – Panic Cells
Pixies – Nomatterday
Humour – Pure Misery
SOURDOUGH – Mind and Body
EKKSTACY – I’m so happy
Average Life Complaints – Falling Asleep
The Hanging Bandits – Austerity and Other Dreams
Hanging Bandits – Austerity and Other Dreams
Walking Race – Redbag
Habilis – Algorithms
Sugar Horse (ft, wych elm, IDLES and Vennart) – Super Army Soldiers
Plastic Cowboys (Alibi Lounge sessions) – Storehouse
SOURDOUGH – Holocene Ending
CAT SFX – Joan of Arc
Wings of Desire – Choose a Life
Men I Trust – Billie Toppy
False Heads – Hangman
SOURDOUGH – Behind the Screen