Vandalism Begins at Home Radio – Episode 22

It’s been a while but Ben and James are back with their first Vandalism Begins at Home Radio show of 2023 – the music show that finds all the latest and greatest new-release indie and alternative belters from each week, so you don’t have to. Except for this show!

There’s been loads of great music released while we’ve been away so this episode is a catch-up of just some of the bangers that have caught our ears. Normal service will be resumed on the next episode.


Ramona Marx Fight Night
Gas Künst 101 2.0
KILL, THE ICON! Protect The Brand
IST IST Something Has To Give
The Slow Readers Club Modernise
Opus Kink Dust
Gawjuss Often Self Destructive
Bowfinger Boxing Clever
The National Tropic Morning News
Last Tourist Lust
Shame Six-Pack
SNAYX I’m Deranged
Mary Anne’s Polar Rig Dopamine Detox
Baudelaire Facade
Do Nothing Happy Feet
CUSP Crazy Money
The Relights The Ocean