VBAH Live Session – Tooth Marks – Watch Now

Our new series of VB@H Live Sessions continues with a band with plenty of bite, Tooth Marks.


Highlighting the importance of grassroots live music, while showcasing a different side of all our favourite artists, every second Friday of each month we’ll be bringing you some you’ll know and love and some you’ll soon fall for.

So make sure you subscribe to never miss a beat. We welcome to VB@H HQ, The Castle in Luton, Dan Briscombe (vocals/lyrics), Arunas Kaciulis (lead guitarist), David Cload (bass) and Dan Short (beats/vocals/producer).

The prolific Luton tunesmiths draw influence from classic and alt-rock, while channelling an 80s pop and British post-punk. The Tooth Marks sound has been praised for its, “Powerfully produced tracks, boasting arena sized hooks and anthemic choruses, primed for mainstream radio”.

But here, with a three-song stripped back set, Tooth Marks play live favourites:

– Out Of My Mind

– Fight For You Anyway

– Falling Down

Between the performances hear a chat with Tooth Marks and VB@H co-founder Ben Barry, so you can get to know a little more about your next favourite band.

Find Tooth Marks at:

  / toothmarksmusic  


 / toothmarksmusic  


 / tooth-marks  

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