VBAH Radio Show – September 2021

Spike and Ben are back in the studio playing tracks from the Vandalism Begins At Home e-zine #9 including tracks from Regressive Left, Coda Rushing, Sean Grant and the Wolfgang, TMCF, Simon Turner & The Associates and many more!

All nicely seasoned with chat and banter about the music, the local scene in Luton & surrounding areas, upcoming gigs and events such as Castlefest 2021 and current projects including the Leave the Capital Kickstarter campaign.

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Full Tracklisting:

Cream Militia – Regressive Left
Skills – Coda Rushing
The Ballad of Hinksley Road – Gaylips
Come Back Again – Rolling Thunder
Thaumaturgy – TMCF
To Fear – Anyone’s Ghost
Die Beautiful – Sean Grant & The Wolfgang
Midnight Lovers – Our Man in the Bronze Age
Don’t Stop Your Heart (From Beating) – Simon Turner & The Associates