VBAH Talk to Empty Events

Empty events have been very busy in 2019, very busy indeed. Responsible for a huge amount gigs and events in St. Albans, while working with leading local talent, it’s been a fast rise for Jack Lawrence and Owain Page. The lads managed to get a minute from their hectic schedule to talk to VB@H about their achievements and vision for the future.

How did it all begin for Empty Events?

After having both spent some time out of the country (Owain working in Milan and Jack travelling the world) we both met for a drink in St. Albans to catch up. Owain brought an idea to the table — why not start a music festival? It was a great idea, but we felt in the end it would be better to start with smaller events and then build from there. So we decided to form an events management group and thus Empty Events was born.

Have you set yourselves a particular target?

The target is to be able to say that Empty Events has gone from a small events group to a nationwide and/or international institution. Hosting a variety of world famous festivals and events that people love and that the company can be proud of. Always working with integrity and aiming to promote live music, whilst giving young bands a stage to perform on. We aren’t quiet worldwide yet, but our events are growing year on year.

What have been your highlights so far?

There have been many highlights along the way. There have also been some lows that you can look back and laugh at, it’s all learning and development after all! To date, the standouts are our first ever mini Oktoberfest at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub in St. Albans & ‘The Taste of St. Albans Festival’. Both were very different events, but incorporated a lot of moving parts. The way it was executed and delivered, plus the enjoyment that came from it are fond memories.

Any local musical tips you’d like to share?

There are some fantastic acts in Hertfordshire across many different genres. Some that come to mind and who have been a pleasure to work with are: The Maida Vales, WIINK, Kaspar and the Swamp Dogs, Maxx Palmer, TV Coma & Vertigo to name a few. Check these guys out!

What does the future hold for Empty Events?

Looking to the future, the company is expecting a very busy 2020! Look out for some fan favourites returning (but bigger) and some larger new events! There’s always room for improvement, but as long as the company keeps learning, the shows will keep getting better. Past 2020 there’s some exciting ideas brewing, so watch this space!

Any advice for budding promoters?

Look after your acts, be good to your venues and remember that nobody can know everything. Some events will be awesome, others won’t be. The important thing is to listen to good advice and keep learning. Ultimately stay true to your mantra and the universe will look after you. The late nights are worth it in the end!

Interview by Ben