VBAH Talks To The Class

The new school is in town, creating a buzz throughout Luton.  Following their last sold out visit, The Class return to The Castle on the 25th March as part of a VB@H showcase, so of course we felt compelled to have chat with Callum Lee and Aaron Pearson from the town’s newest rock ‘n’ roll outfit, and find out how they’ll make the grade.    

Please introduce yourselves — who are The Class?

Callum (vocals): The Class are a 5-piece rock band from Luton. We don’t feel like we fit into a specific bracket of “rock”, we do our best to vary it.

Aaron (lead guitar): Myself, Callum and Ciaran are all good friends from school, while I knew Sam, our bassist, through work and was introduced to our drummer, Jamie, through a relative. We all first met up on the 10th of March 2019 and the rest is history (in the making).

You cut your teeth as a cover band, when did you decide to start writing your own material and how have you found the transition?

Aaron: Our goal from the first day of meeting was always to become an original band. We’ve found the transition very exciting, nicely challenging and engaging.

Callum: We’re thoroughly enjoying it and it’s a lot nicer feeling seeing people react positively to your own songs, rather than someone else’s!

Which bands/artists have had the biggest influence on you?

Callum: We all have a fairly similar tastes in music or share a love for the same bands. We don’t consciously try to sound like other bands, however, as most musicians know, you will of course subconsciously sound like artists you’re listening to.

Aaron: I’m usually listening to The Beatles or Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is quite noticeable in our music, with me being the lead guitarist. Our drummer Jamie, is into the heavier side of things and this shines through in his drum tracks. We feel this diversity benefits us greatly when it comes to writing as a band.

Can we expect any recorded releases soon?

Aaron: Yes! We have studio time booked for the last weekend in April. This is something we are very excited for and hopefully we can get the songs out there ASAP!

Callum: We’ll be sure to let you know when they’re out!

What are your thoughts on the Luton music scene and how do you think it could be helped to grow?

Callum: It kinda feels like something is brewing. We are aware of other bands in the town that are just starting up and are of a similar age – there seems to be a bit of positive momentum.

Aaron: In terms of how it could be helped, we think the local media and council need to invest more valuable time and finances to engage with the bands in this town. It feels like there’s a platform there for local music to take off, however the nightlife (hence the name of one of our own songs) is dying a slow death.

Callum: The local music scene is something that could help revive this issue, if more venues co-operated and reached out.

What’s the masterplan for the band’s future?

Together: Easy… WORLD DOMINATION!!!


Join the boys from The Class alongside Torus, and Peachstone at Castle Live on Friday 25th March for an unmissable night of alt-rock and indie presented by Vandalism Begins At Home and sponsored by Seeing Eye Rum