what are we like

What are we Like?

Genocide occurs always under our gaze,
Its sweet sickly scent masked by the stench of consumerism,
Distraction and numerous other isms.
Not so is decried!
Being privy to a citizen curling one out as you watch through a window is uncomfortable,
Having to endure the act while in the same room is unbearable,
Duchamp never submitted in there – it stays.
That would best describe the pathetic apathy,
In which we,
Receive and digest tumultuous events on our global conscience.
Give it a share, send it a retweet,
Through our phones tablets and computer screens dis how we defeat,
Much written reports of ire,
Such rapport do they conspire,
Or do we see,
The ego of the species,
Have us treading the treasonous steps that we repeat,
Just send the meteor have the meaty war let the grim reap,
As how can we justify our eminent place,

When always genocide occurs unabated right within our gaze.
By Nathan Dominque